UKI Canada Classic June 2019


The photo albums are divided into galleries by dog name and listed alphabetically.

The more classes you ran your dog in, the more photos I probably got.  I attended only Saturday, so there are no photos of Sunday’s dogs.


This event has package pricing as follows:

  • UP TO 5 photos of your dog – $50 CAD
  • 6 TO 10 photos of your dog – $60 CAD
  • ALL PHOTOS in your dog’s gallery – $70 CAD (best deal – most galleries average 15-20+ photos)
  • If you had more than one dog entered, 25% off your second purchased package

Your high resolution print quality photos will be uploaded to a dropbox folder, along with a watermarked social media resolution copy for sharing; when payment is received you will be sent an invite to your folder.  Payment can be made via etransfer.  Please use the order form on the contact page to place your order.

If there are very few photos of your dog (ie fewer than 5) and you wish to purchase them individually, please contact me for pricing.


When viewing your gallery, you can open the photos to see larger versions.  If you choose a package other than “all photos” you will find your image number beneath the photo when it has been expanded into the large version.  It appears as “image__ of __” (see below).  When ordering, please be sure to send the name of the dog’s gallery, and the image numbers you are selecting with your package.

Please note that this may not work on all mobile phones or devices, and is best viewed on a desktop/laptop.

Please be patient while the galleries load; there are over 1,000 photos from the event.

Happy viewing!



Dogs A-J

Dogs K-P

Dogs Q-Z